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B SubCategories
Banking, finance and insurances
Barley. Seeds, green vegetable. Seeds, cereal. Seeds, clover and grass. Pork, fresh. Hams, raw, cured. Hams, smoked. Hams, green. Bacon. Meat portions, prepacked. Meals, ready prepared, meat based. Milk, fresh. Milk, pasteurised. Milk, skimmed. Milk, homo
Bearings for the motor vehicle industry. Bearings for drive shafts. Bearings for lifts. Bearings for sliding doors and windows. Bearings, ball or roller, for drive shafts. Bearings for hydraulic pumps
Bed and Breakfast Accommodation
Beef and veal, fresh
Beef and veal, fresh. Meat and meat offal, deep frozen
Blending services for the food industry. Mixing and blending of solids for the chemical industry. Blending of pharmaceuticals. Bag or sack filling machines for liquids and semi-solid products. Bag or sack filling machines for solid, granular or fragmented
Boilers and accessories trade
Bookkeeping and accounting services
Booksellers, retail chains
Bread and cakes^^Cereals and grains^^Food and Related Products
Bricks, ceramic or clinker, solid. Bricks, ceramic or clinker, perforated, air-bricks. Bricks, facing, ceramic or clinker
Business advice and other services^^Professional bodies
Business travel^^HOTELS: RESTAURANTS
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