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M SubCategories
Machinery erection and dismantling services. Installation contractors for dairy plant. Graphic design services. Building engineering consultants. Electrical engineering consultants. Electrical installation consultants. Illumination consultants. Instrument
Mail order houses. Organic food products trade. Health and diet foods trade
Mainframe computers trade. Facsimile fax machines trade. Typewriters and accessories trade. Office furniture, wooden trade
Management accounting consultants. Auditing services. Bookkeeping and accounting services
Management accounting consultants. Auditing services. Bookkeeping and accounting services. Taxation consultants
Marketing strategy consultants. Direct marketing consultants
Meat, fresh trade
Meat, frozen and chilled trade
Mechanical Engineering - machines
Mechanical Engineering - machines^^Metals - machinery and equipment
Mechanical instruments, components and fittings, motor vehicle trade. Seat covers, motor vehicle trade. Carpets and mats, motor vehicle trade. Tyre pumps, motor vehicle trade. Winches, motor vehicle trade
Metal processing^^Metallurgy and Metalworking
Metallurgy and Metalworking^^Sheets and pipes
Metallurgy and Metalworking^^Steels and metals
Microcomputer, multi-user and network systems maintenance services. Mainframe computers trade
Milk, dried, full cream. Food flavourings, natural. Flavourings, synthetic, for the food and beverage industry. Blending services for the food industry
Milling services, computer controlled, for metals. Turning services, computer controlled, for metals. Turning services, capstan and turret, for metals
Mirrors, wooden framed. Pottery, decorative and ornamental
Motor cars and vans trade
Motor vehicles, horse box. Conference and exhibition equipment hire/rental
Motor-cars^^Vehicles and Transport Equipment
Municipal housing contractors. Hotel and office building contractors. School and college building contractors
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